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Our bread is made with only three ingredients:

organic flour, water and salt.

We make everything on site, from scratch. 

The bread is vegan (unless we add inclusions such as chorizo!).

We use yeast for savoury and sweet buns. All ingredients like custard, pesto, tomato sauce are home made and we never use any artificial ingredients.

We work in the environment where nuts are used and for the full list of allergens please speak to us.

We also offer loaclly roasted coffee from Campervan Coffee which is located only round the corner, in Weston and is made, with great passion and attention to detail and flavour, by Marc.


our story

Everything happens for a reason.

I always had this feeling that I want to feed people. To give them a little part of me which would make them feel the warmth and the love I put into something I made. I never knew what it was.

And then my own world has stopped. A few years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and I just focused on getting myself through days and then months. I was convinced that I would never walk properly again, that I would be sitting in a wheelchair and I will be dependent on everyone around.

But guess what, that didn't happen (at least not just yet). I have been grateful ever since and I started to look at how can I make my purpose of life come true. I found a job in a coffee shop so I could see how it is done. I have learned a little and met incredible people and it was just great.

Ans then the world stopped again and pandemic hit everyone hard. And I did what half of the population did too: I started baking sourdough bread. The real thing. It was hard at the beginning, even stressful and I wasn't sure what what I was doing but finally, and thanks to Sourdough School, its founder - Vanessa Kimbell and my determination, I got it right.

I was baking more than enough for my family so I started giving the bread away and then more and more people wanted it so I got to the point where my domestic oven just wasn't enough.

So we have created Leavened where I keep baking the same bread, with the same passion and love, just on a bigger scale.

It feels great and it gives me the strength and purpose to work hard every day and I do hope you can feel it in every loaf you take home.

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