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21 November

Hello! How is it nearly end of November. How come it is dark just after 4 pm (I do understand how seasons work, no need to explain but how is this possible?!). Even though I have been trying to stay away from the Christmas theme I voluntarily gave in and initiated marzipan eating process. You see, we make marzipan ourselves in the bakery. It is utterly delicious and rolled into a log makes the perfect centre of a Stollen. Laura and I eat Stollen just like you would eat a Jaffa cake - all around the chocolate covered jelly first, leaving the best for the final bite. I also tend to think that we only bake Stollen so we can feast on that marzipan log inside:). At the moment we are working on our Christmas offer but it will definitely include Stollen (I might have mentioned that bake today!), Christmas cake, some festive biscuits and bread. This year we will accept orders in the shop only so it is easier for us not to get lost and avoid mistakes. Watch this space for more information but I can now tell you we will open our order book at the beginning of December.

That Christmas, fuzzy and warm feeling is also down to my visit to London yesterday. As I went to my usual physio appointment I couldn't refuse myself to visit Seven Dials where you can find this amazing pop - up shop - Another Pantry. There, you can find the most amazing products from some best businesses I know. All lovingly, beautifully and tastefully made. I went for a few packs of festive biscuits from our favourite Scottish bakery. We had some with our coffee today and we did not stop smiling while munching on them. I hope you do occasionally get his feeling with our bakes, that means we do something well.

Anyway, I thought you will be pleased to see a come back of a cheddar and smoked paprika sour (I chose this option for purely selfish reasons).

This week in Leavened

Just Bread

(aka Classic Sourdough) £3.80

Cheddar and smoked paprika £4.90

Seeded sourdough £4.60

Dark rye sourdough (450g) £3.60

Light Rye Sour £4.10

Seeded spelt (pre-order only) £5.10

Cinnamon Bun £2.50

Peanut butter and banana bun £3

Pistachio and chocolate croissant £3.50

Almond croissant £3.50

Herb and garlic bun £1.50

Choc chip cookie £2

If you would like one of our spelt loaves please let us know at least a day before.

There will be some other bakes that we like to make a surprise so please come and take a look at our full offer.

If you would like to order your bread and pick it up from Potstop on Thursday, please let us know by 2 pm on Wednesday (email to The orders will then be ready for collection between 2 - 5 pm.

If you would like your order to be delivered by Box Bike, let us know a day before at least and we will arrange the delivery for you, thank you!

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