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Back to baking on Wednesdays!

Hello, I hope you are all well. I just wanted to send you a reminder that, since we are in March (!!!), we are baking again on Wednesdays. The coffee shop will be back open 10 - 3 and you will be able to buy bread and pastries in the market too.

We will have spring onion and sesame sourdough this week (from Thursday) and, as per your requests, the spice chai buns are coming back.

Also, just to be transparent with you, due to the rising costs of bread ingredients and minimum wage going up in April, we are putting up the prices of our most popular products. From tomorrow (6th March 2024) just bread will cost you £4.50 and a cinnamon bun will be £3.50. We feel this is a fair price and is still lower if you compare it to our "competitors" like Simmons or M&S. We hope you can still support us as much as you can (we believe our bread is worth it!).

See you tomorrow,

Iza & team Leavened

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