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Our first birthday.

It is hard to believe but a year ago, at the beginning of autumn, Leavened opened its "doors" to the customers. The bakery is a result of lockdown, great passion, persistence, a little bit of coincidence and love for baking and real bread. The space in the market found us thanks to some help of our "magic fairies". Then my husband and I designed the space (it is still work in progress though!) and with a lot of help from amazing and supportive friends, we created everything little by little. It took about 8 strong men to bring the oven in (all I know is I was lucky not to witness the procedure!) and it was the last thing to get connected too, so we didn't know until the final week of works if it even works. Then I started my baking trials, a few loaves which made me ecstatic (little did I know). On a Friday before the grand opening (27.09.2020) I decided that I didn't need help and will be just fine and make my first big batch of dough all by myself. I had dough up to my elbows, in my hair, on my trousers, literally everywhere! And I cried. A lot. Again, as by the touch of magic, a friend showed up and helped me clean up the mess. On the big day the loaves weren't perfect (but still delicious) and so many people came that it was just unbelievable. And our newly met customers loved our bakes and many of you are with us till today (some even joined us on the other side!). I can not tell you how grateful I am every day for all of you. For my friends who support me when I am very tired, for every conversation I have with every single one of you (I feel like I know you quite well!), for every word of appreciation, for bringing more new customers, for spreading the word on line, for the passion you all have for what we do at Leavened. I am the happiest person on Earth. And even though it is a lot of hard work and very often I feel like I can't go on anymore, every day I wake up just after 5 am with new energy. And I would never change it for anything else. Never.

We will celebrate our birthday on Saturday 25 September with some mini cinnamon buns so if you are in the area please stop by and with us happy birthday.

I will also announce a little competition tomorrow evening, so please stay tuned.

As for the flavoured loaf this week, we had a little conversation on Insta Stories and majority of people wanted something with roasted garlic, so here is the menu:

Classic Sourdough £3.70

Roasted garlic and parmesan £4.80

Seeded sourdough £4.50

Dark rye sourdough (450g) £3.50

Cinnamon Bun £2.20

Apple stuffed bun with crumble £2.50

Biscoff bun £2.50

Nutella twist £2

Herb and garlic bun £1

The baguettes will be served on Friday and Saturday along with sourdough rolls. If you require our spelt tin loaf please let us know (we can make it upon request). I would like to change to formula so we will have something new this week.

We will also have some cookies and other sweet bakes that are not included in the menu so it is always worth visiting us :).

Please let us know a day before if you required your bread to be delivered (by 1 pm). To order just send an email to

Thank you and see you from Wednesday.

This image was taken on the first day of opening from my friend Alicja who came all the way from Leicester area!

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