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14th of June 2021

Hi everyone,

I hope you are enjoying the warm weather! We definitely are but to cool you down we now offer iced coffees and are working on some special Frappuccinos too.

Most of you have already met Oli who is delivering a wonderful service and we feel so lucky to have him as a part of our team. Right now myself and Wioleta can make more amazing treats for you so please stay tuned as we work on expanding our offer.

This week we will have some chorizo and paprika scones and strawberry crumble cake in store only. We have listened to your suggestions on Instagram and working hard to have some more Polish style cakes for you (like cheesecake for the weekend).

Also, we will have some lovely burger buns every Saturday as long as the bbq season lasts.

Also please remember that we still offer bread delivery from Wednesday to Friday.

We use Box Bike Delivery and the cost is £2.50. The delivery covers Stevenage only (SG1 and SG2).

To order simply send an email to

Your order will be confirmed once the payment is completed (we send you a SumUp payment link and you pay by card).

For Thursday delivery please order by 12 pm on Wednesday.

For Friday delivery please order by 12 pm on Thursday.

For Saturday collection please order by 12 pm on Friday (you are NOT required to order it is just an option).

Delivery times may vary but we do our best to get the bread to you by 6 pm.

What's on the menu this week:

Classic Sourdough £3.70

Everything Bagel sourdough £4.60

(a sourdough loaf with

everything bagel seasoning)

Seeded sourdough £4.50

Sultana and walnut sourdough £4.80

Light Rye Sour £4

Spelt with Seeds Tin £5

Sourdough Bread Roll £0.80

Cinnamon Bun £2

Biscoff bun £2.50

Nutella bun with hazelnuts £2.50

Sourdough chocolate chip cookie £1.50

If you have any questions or requests please drop us an email to

See you soon!

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