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Hello, happy first week of summer holidays! A little bird tells me that many of you are already enjoying time off and went away to some exotically hot countries in Europe, while the rest stayed in the UK and is currently enjoying the autumn (I am not going to lie that I am more than happy with this kind of weather which also means that I can keep making croissants as the hot air is not melting my butter).

This week we are working at a reduced number of staff so please be kind and supportive as always, our menu might be a little limited till the week (there will be no filled croissants on Wednesday and Thursday) and we will increase the production for the weekend. both Wednesdays and Thursdays have been rather quiet recently so I think what we make will be enough. It is also the time when I can have some fun with trying out new ideas so every day might be a little bit of a surprise.

This week we will have some vanilla buns with fruit (and they will be vegan), lemon and poppy seed buns with a good dollop of our homemade lemon curd and some cardamom buns but in a slightly different edition. We have also baked some cakes and will continue to do so.

To update you on some of the rewards that we are yet to fulfill - we will have a date for the quiz night and pierogi workshop this week, Laura will be getting in touch about the bundt cakes and brownies and we need to make biscuit selection packs so you can pick them up. I send out an email if any of rewards are ready so don't worry if you think that you have missed out. I think I never expected for us to get this busy, we have tripled the production in some places and what I can tell you from my personal point of view, not being boring at the same time, is that the price of, even this small, success is very very high. Unfortunately, being dependent on the market's opening hours is not helping with organising the work and it can be stressful at times, there is a lot of hands on work and behind the scenes work and it never stops, which I am grateful for but also can become overwhelming. Nevertheless, there is a plan to change that and it is exciting, but that's for another newsletter, in a few months.

Just one more thing, extremely important - we will be closed from Sunday 6 August till Wednesday 16 August for a summer break. Both market and shop will be closed. We will be back on Thursday 17 August with new energy! (hopefully).

That's all from me for now, any questions please just drop me an email or a DM, I may not always answer right away but I do my best to do it.

Also, thank you for supporting our doughnut Sunday, next doughnut day is next year!

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