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Would you like to help?

Hello, I hope you are all well. It seems like I haven't been in touch for ages and I am coming to a conclusion that perhaps a monthly newsletter isn't enough for some of you? Let me know I am open to any suggestions so it works for you and for me. The biggest flaw of me emailing you monthly was that I didn't tell you about Laura's and mine trip to Warsaw. We set off in search of new flavours and inspiration and I must tell you that Warszawa is absolutely delicious and the bakery scene is at a very high, European standard. We have been inspired with beautiful spaces and Laura is desperate to recreate a delicious, tangy and sweet little tarts full of citrus, topped with this most amazing meringue, quite crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle. On the downside, I came back with a cold which has been holding me in its grasp till today and that's why you haven't seen me that much recently.

Anyway, what I really wanted to tell you (or those of you who haven't seen the news just yet) that we have secured a small space in Old Town (42 Primett Road, just off High Street) just big enough for a lovely little shop. We will be collecting the key on 1st April and start the works, hoping to open early May. We will keep baking everything in the market but will also aim to build a small kitchen in there. And that's why we need your help!

We've set up a crowdfunding project with some amazing rewards to suit all (there is a quizz night and pierogi workshop but also smaller and cheaper rewards like a cup of coffee accompanied by a cinnamon bun). I have explained all the details about what the money would go towards to and how much we need ideally. Please follow the link to find out more and pledge if you can. We've been so grateful for the support we received so far, it is unbelievable! You are amazing! Thank you.

The basic menu remains unchanged this week, it is the last few days of miso and sesame, we are bringing back our lovely herb and garlic buns back, there will be brownies, cookies, almond and raspberry loaf cake, banana&buckwheat cake with sesame topping and some peanut butter and jam croissants too. If you need to pick up your bread from Knebworth please let us know by Wednesday 2pm.

Thank you so much again and I will get in touch next week with our April offerings!


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