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14 March

Hi Everyone.

First of all, apologies for not sending you an update on the menu last week. It was a very emotional time and on Tuesday evening Laura and myself went to little bakery in London to meet up with two book writers. Olia Herkules (author of "Mamushka" and "Summer Kitchens") and Alissa Timoshkina (author of Salt&Time) . Olia is from Ukraine and Alissa is Russian, they've been friends for 15 years and in such awful time they joined their forces and created Cook for Ukraine - a movement and a fundraiser to help those who need it most in Ukraine. It was also created to get people to cook, get involved, get to know this country through food. I encourage everyone to join in as this simple act of preparing a meal and perhaps sharing it with your loved ones is very therapeutic and what more can we need now then finding some peace in simple things? I can't think of anything else. In the next week or months, we will be including some bakes from the books mentioned above. If you know any Eastern European recipes you would like to share with us, or some stories, please let us know, we will always listen.

Also, over this and the next week we will be selling a raffle tickets, all the money will be again sent directly to support Ukrainian children and the prize will be just amazing. I will share a separate post about it soon.

So far we raised £806 in total, we are truly grateful for every donation!

Menu for this week:

Just Bread

(aka Classic Sourdough) £3.70

Potato and rosemary sour £4.80

Seeded sourdough £4.50

Dark rye sourdough (450g) £3.50

Light Rye Sour £4

Einkorn (from Thursday) £4.50

Wildfarmed (from Friday) £4.50

Spelt with Seeds (tin loaf) £5

Cinnamon Bun £2.20

Apple and crumble bun £2.80

Almond croissant £3.50

Pistachio and chocolate £3.50

Banana and walnut cake £2

Herb and garlic roll £1

You can also pre-order a whole babka (chocolate, cinnamon or halva) £14 each.

If you would like to order your bread and pick it up from Potstop on Thursday, please let us know by 2 pm on Wednesday (email to The orders will then be ready for collection between 2 - 5 pm.

If you would like your order to be delivered by Box Bike, let us know a day before at least and we will arrange the delivery for you, thank you!

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