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22 March


Great news for everyone waiting for the chorizo bread to make a come back - your wait is over and this week you will be able to enjoy this delicious sourdough with this Spanish sausage, roasted peppers and smoked paprika again.

Also, a while ago I did a little poll on Instagram stories whether you prefer traditional hot cross buns or the ones with chocolate chips. The result was nearly 50/50 so this week (and this week only) we will serve you those delicious Easter buns with addition of chocolate. We will return to traditional ones next week though (dough?).

I was also wondering if there is a particular bread you would like us to prepare for the Easter week? We are open to suggestions so if you have something on your mind please leave a comment under this post.

We will also continue with Bostock this week and I would also like to offer you a chance to order a whole challah loaf as some people have requested such possibility. Challah loaf (sweet bread we use for Boscotks) is only available on pre - order and you need to let us know you want one by 12 pm the day before as the latest.

This week in the bakery:

Classic Sourdough £3.70

Chorizo sourdough £4.80

Seeded sourdough £4.50

Light Rye Sour £4

Spelt with Seeds Tin £5

Sourdough Baguette £3

Sourdough Bread Roll £0.80

Cinnamon Bun £2

Bostock £2.50

Chocolate chip hot cross bun £1

Challah loaf (pre- order only) £5

There will be more sweet pastries available in the bakery on Wednesday and Saturday (in store only).

Don't forget you can still order bread and have it delivered by amazing Box Bike Delivery!

We offer £2.50 Box Bike delivery within Stevenage (SG1 and SG2) on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Your order will be confirmed once the payment is completed (we send you a SumUp payment link and you pay by card).

For Wednesday delivery please order by 12 pm on Tuesday.

For Thursday delivery please order by 12 pm on Wednesday.

For Friday delivery please order by 12 pm on Thursday.

For Saturday collection please order by 12 pm on Friday (you are NOT required to order it is just an option).

Delivery times may vary but we do our best to get the bread to you by 6 pm.

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