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24th May

Good evening!


This week is the last week before we close for the half term and we will be back in the week beginning on the 7th of June. Please make sure you stock up for bread if you need to.

We have many customers who come early in the morning and would like sweet pastries along with the bread. Unfortunately, we can't access the market early enough hence we are not able to have anything sweet on offer sooner than 11 am. We would like this to change but at the moment our hands are tied.

Please remember that bread is ready from 9 am and sweet buns from 11 am. Every single pastry is worth the wait :).

Also please remember that we still offer bread delivery from Wednesday to Friday.

We use Box Bike Delivery and the cost is £2.50. The delivery covers Stevenage only (SG1 and SG2).

To order simply send an email to

Your order will be confirmed once the payment is completed (we send you a SumUp payment link and you pay by card).

For Wednesday delivery please order by 12 pm on Tuesday.

For Thursday delivery please order by 12 pm on Wednesday.

For Friday delivery please order by 12 pm on Thursday.

For Saturday collection please order by 12 pm on Friday (you are NOT required to order it is just an option).

Delivery times may vary but we do our best to get the bread to you by 6 pm.

What's on the menu this week:

Classic Sourdough £3.70

Toasted pumpkin sourdough £4.50

Seeded sourdough £4.50

Light Rye Sour £4

Spelt with Seeds Tin £5

Sourdough Bread Roll £0.80

Cinnamon Bun £2

Cardamom bun £2

Sweet bun £2.50

with home made custard, raspberry

and coconut icing

If you have any questions or requests please drop us an email to

See you soon!

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