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Christmas cake orders


Apologies to everyone for my absence this week. Apparently there is terrible flu flying around at the moment and unfortunately I fell one of its victims and it is the first time in years I am actually forced to stay in bed. However the time flies and Christmas is round the corner and to make your traditional cake we need to soak the fruit now.

Our traditional Christmas cake is absolutely delicious, well spiced, moist, full of fruit and flavour and I hope many of you got to try it.

The cake can come in two different sizes and the pricing is as follows:

small cake 4" - £16

regular size 6" - £28

We would like you to place your orders by WEDNESDAY 7 December 2022 by simply send an email to

I will post the details about the Christmas orders for bread (we will also have Stollen and selection of festive biscuits). Thank you and apologies again for this terrible delay!

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2 comentarios

Helen Wand
Helen Wand
06 dic 2022

Hi there, So sorry that you've been poorly. When will I be able to order a

Me gusta
Helen Wand
Helen Wand
06 dic 2022
Contestando a


Me gusta
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