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Christmas Orders

Hello everyone!

I have posted some information about Christmas orders last week but I thought we could have it all in one place so there is no doubt.

There are two ways to order your bread for Christmas - you can either come to see us, tell us what you need, make the payment and we will sort out the rest or send us an email. If you place your order via email, I will send you the payment details and once paid, your order is confirmed. Please send any emails only to so it is easily manageable and I don't miss any message.

We have been (and still are) working very hard on creating the perfect Christmas bakes for you. The hardest part was getting our stollen right and I have to tell you that the amount of this German bake eaten as a part of very important quality control was outrageous. We may need hundred hours extra at the gym but at least we have reached our goal:). The most important thing is that we ended up with delicious, sourdough cake filled with juicy raisins and cranberries, orange peel, aromatic spices and our home made marzipan. Once baked, it is brushed with melted butter and covered with a thick layer or icing sugar. Sounds good right?

We are also working on a selection of biscuits you will be able to purchase from the end of this week (along with the stollen). Both will keep (at least) until Christmas and develop the flavours while resting in your homes tucked away safely, waiting to be eaten.

If you wish to order bread for collection on 23 or 24 December, here are your options:

Just Bread (classic sourdough) £3.70

Seeded Sourdough £4.50

Cranberry and walnut sourdough £4.80

Light Rye £4

Spelt with seeds £5

Dark rye £3.50

Wildfarmed £4.50

Einkorn sourdough £4.50

Christmas Star £18

Stollen £15

I have received some requests to have Christmas stars on offer this year again, so if you wish you may order either Nutella, cinnamon or sweet poppy seed star (pictured below) for collection on 23 or 24 December.

Please note: once we've reached maximum capacity, the order list will be closed as we also want to offer some bread to people who won't be able to secure their bread (for any reason).

Thank you!

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