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Christmas Orders


as promised, I am posting our Christmas menu today. You can choose from the options below and to order we would like you to visit us in the bakery this year. We have some forms ready to go so we can make it as simple and pain free as possible.

You can choose to pick up your order either on Friday 23 December or Saturday 24 December and we do require an upfront payment.

Please note that only a percentage of our bread will be dedicated to pre orders so there will be some bread for those less organised. We operate on first come first served bases and we will be closing our pre- orders list once we have reached the maximum.

Christmas @ Leavened

Just bread £3.80

Seeded sour £4.60

Cranberry and walnut sour £4.60

Light rye £4.10

Dark rye £3.60

Stollen £14

A bag of 10 of the following biscuits £8

(choose one type per bag)

Orange and almond amaretti

Ginger biscuits

Cinnamon starts with almonds

Chocolate and hazelnut biscotti

Stollen bites

Please feel free to order from tomorrow (7 December) till Saturday 17 December (or untill we have filled in all the spaces).

Thank you!

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