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First of February

I think it is fair to say that everyone entered a new month with some fresh hope that the lockdown is coming to an end at some point and definitely sooner than later.

If you ask me, I just can not wait for the spring to unfurl in front of our eyes and I am looking out for any signs of it (no joy with that just yet though!). For now, lets just try to enjoy those days together and not focus on how hard and annoying home schooling is. Let's celebrate the fact that wine, gin and chocolate exist. That we can go for a walk with best friend, that our kids are clever and they adapt so well to any situation (they probably manage much better than us, the adults). And last but not least, lets celebrate the real bread. The crunchy crust, airy and moist crumb, beautiful smell and everlasting joy from eating every single slice. With butter, with jam, toasted with some amazing olive oil and garlic, perhaps some chili? Possibilities are endless!

Speaking of which, let me present you the menu for this week:

Classic Sourdough £3.70

White Seeded Sourdough £4.50

Miso and Black Sesame Seeds Sour £4.70

Light Rye Sour £4

Spelt with Seeds Sour £5

Sourdough Baguette £3

Sourdough Bread Roll £0.80

Cinnamon Bun £2

Apple Crumble Bun £2.50

Raspberry Coulis and Custard Bun £2.50

To order for delivery please send us a message (Facebook or Insta) or email to

We offer £1 lockdown delivery within Stevenage on Thursdays and Fridays.

Your order will be confirmed once the payment is completed (we send you a SumUp payment link and you pay by card).

For Thursday delivery please order by 12 pm on Wednesday.

For Friday delivery please order by 12 pm on Thursday.

Delivery times may vary but we do our best to get the bread to you by 3 pm.

Remember that you can still visit the bakery if you can, we are always happy to see you, serve you some coffee and chat!

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