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Raffle for Ukraine

We would like to carry on supporting Ukraine so we have decided to sell raffle tickets over the next two weeks.

Just one raffle ticket will give you five chances (there are 5 numbers) to win and you are supporting people who need it most right now.

And you know the best thing about our raffle? The prize....

Drumroll .........

Wait for it.......


I was inspired by my fellow bakers at Mini Miss Bread in Saffron Walden and thought it is a wonderful prize, I wouldn't mind one like that myself.

Free bread for a year means one loaf a week for a whole year. It is 52 loaves you won't have to pay for and to be able to get that you only need to share £5 with people who need support. Amazing right? The raffle tickets go on sale from tomorrow (16 March 2022) and we will end the sale on 31 march 2022. We will draw the winner on 2nd April (which is only one day away from my "special" birthday so even more reasons to celebrate).

I hope you are in!!!

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